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I love the GURPS RPG system but I've found there to be a lack of any free adventures on the web, particularly one-session length offerings. Furthermore, it takes quite a while to knock up NPCs for the system - you know, the canon-fodder that go down onto the planet with Captain Kirk and bite the dust when the first alien shows up. There are a lot of GURPS characters on the web but they're all "Hey, look at my 500-point mega-villain/hero". There's no ordinary Joes.

This page is an attempt to rectify this sad state of affairs. Below you will find a collection of canon-fodder characters and one-session adventures. As time allows, I will add more to this page. If you like what you see and make use of it, please let me know - mike dot amos at michaelamos dot net is the address to send feedback to.

Please note that GURPS is entirely owned and copyrighted by Steve Jackson Games. I am in no way affiliated with Steve Jackson Games. All the material on this page is offered up as fan material for private use and may not be used for any commercial purposes.

So, on to the detail...

GURPS One-Session Adventures

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  • Kobold Caverns - Complete GURPS kobold-based dungeon bash (Kobold_Caverns.pdf Size: 1.5MB)
    A little boy has been kidnapped by some kobolds. Not the dopy kobolds described in the GURPS rules but some nasty kobolds adapted from the first edition AD&D rules. Unless some adventurers get a move on pretty quick, that little boy is going to be made into kebabs. The only way to save him is to run this adventure.
  • Hyaena Gorge (Hyaena_Gorge.pdf Size: 3.5MB)
    There have been some strange goings on in the village graveyard and someone or something has made off with a body. The locals blame hyaenas but what dark secrets might they be hiding?

GURPS Beasts and Monsters

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  • AD&D Kobolds (ADandD_Kobolds.pdf Size: 0.8MB)
    AD&D Kobolds converted to GURPS - the ideal small nasty for low-point characters to slash their way through.
  • AD&D Gnolls (ADandD_Gnolls.pdf Size: 0.4MB)
    Rules for the AD&D Gnolls converted to GURPS. Useful for sending against slightly more powerful warriors.
  • Hyaenas, Bouda, and Kafta (Hyaenas_Bouda_Kaftar.pdf Size: 0.27MB)
    Rules for hyaenas - modern, mythological, and prehistoric! These rules also cover two types of hyaena-men - the Bouda from African mythology, and the Kaftar from Persian mythology.

GURPS Canon-Fodder

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  • Sordark's Maulers (Sordarks_Maulers.pdf Size: 0.4MB)
    A gang of five down-on-their luck Orcs for your players to butcher
  • The Shadow Seven (Shadow_Mouse.pdf Size: 0.3MB)
    A criminal gang of emotionally damaged halfling misfits, led by the Cossack sit-dance obsessed Shadow Mouse.
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